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Big text generator is a large text generator, it can convert a regular text into large, oversized documents with special, attractive unicode characters to create a text. Beautiful text for users. With many different styles, you can freely write down what you want and then immediately receive the results below with lots of unique and different designs for you to choose.

This tool allows you to create text with large, beautifully designed fonts that you can use to post to social networking sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram or other websites. The text that Big text generator is actually an ASCII art and it works on most websites, you can also use it on your blog or website.

Big text generator is free to use, you do not need to download any toolbar or anything, it does not require users to register or login email address, you just need to write down the text I need and copy it wherever you want to paste. Some of these huge texts are not displayed correctly on major websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram. However you can use it on your web pages or on Word documents correctly. Just enter the normal text you want, then the tool will give you lots of results with different types of large text for you to choose from. Copy them and paste them wherever you want to impress your audience.

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